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Redwood Off Road Tour

Oakland, CA

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Segway PT Redwood Tour Ride in the Redwoods near Redwood Road and Joaquin Miller Road in Oakland. This scenic pathway is near Skyline Blvd and Skyline High and Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland. Riding on this pathway in Oakland provides great views and gives customers the opportunity to ride the wide tired X-2s on a dirt pathway with views and redwood trees. Most of the regional parks in the area do not allow riding on the trails so what we use is a pathway that is in Oakland in a residential area in the hills.

The path does not go through any of the East Bay parks on the other side of the hill but instead uses some park pathways on the Oakland side of the hill. Nevertheless, this area is adjacent to the Redwood Park and Anthony Chabot Park so it is up on the trails, and not down in the city. Oakland covers a relatively large area that goes from the Bay to the Hills. At the top of the Berkeley Oakland Hills starts an extensive Park system with Tilden Park, Redwood Park, and Anthony Chabot Park. All of these Parks are adjacent to Oakland, and on the Oakland side of the Park boundary there are trails that run along the top of the ridge near Skyline, adjacent to but not in the Regional Parks.

These trails provide scenic off-road riding options and provide a great diversion from city Segway riding. For views of the San Francisco Bay, Redwoods, and trails all in one ride, a ride through the Redwoods is the way to go. We include training that takes place outside on a grass field and park pathway. This ride is appropriate for beginners, but is somewhat more involved than our Lake Merritt ride because a large part of this ride is on a dirt trail. This trail is a fire road that is surrounded by a redwood grove adjacent to Redwood Regional Park. Many people are surprised that Redwood Park buttresses right up against Oakland’s border.

The trail and roadways on this ride also provide spectacular views of the San Francisco Bay. The elevation is around a thousand feet, so really the views are sweeping views of the Bay and San Francisco, truly unlike other locations around the Bay Area. We have a minimum group size of 4 people for this tour.


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