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OPEN 9am-7pm 7 DAYS A WEEK

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Lake Merritt Tour $59

Oakland, CA

14 + 15 =

The Lake Merritt Segway PT tour is an exciting tour for Everybody. We start with the basics and work on your riding skills through hands-on instruction at our on-site location before setting out on the pathway around Oakland’s historic gem and beautiful tidal lagoon: Lake Merritt.

This pathway allows you more freedom and a better riding experience than most Segway Tours. Lake Merritt has several paths so there is plenty of room for riding. It is great for beginners or anybody that may be apprehensive about riding a Segway PT because we go through operation and instruction from the beginning. The wide pathways surrounding Lake Merritt offer a calmer riding atmosphere, tucked away from the city and away from large crowds.

Enjoy picturesque views of the lake and also see the Oakland Museum of California, Alameda Court Building, and Lake Merritt Gazebo. Pass through beautiful parkland, Children’s Fairyland, and animal refuges. Lake Merritt is historically significant as the United States’ first official wildlife refuge.

Don’t miss out exploring these sights atop a Segway PT on one of the best Segway-friendly pathways around! Best tour in the Bay for beginners but also more riding for experts. Ride wide tired X2’s or narrow tired i2’s.

The Segway PT provides a unique experience unlike anything else. The Segway PT glides over the pavement in a way that is novel and exiting for everybody. Book today and see first hand how amazing a Segway ride around Lake Merritt is. Approximately 2 hours.

$59 4 person minimum
$95 2 person minimum