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OPEN 9am-7pm 7 DAYS A WEEK

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Bay Bridge Rental

Oakland, CA

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For experienced riders only, ride the SF Bay Bridge and experience the most spectacular views of the area! Segway PT Bay Bridge rentals include drop off and pick up to locations at the end of the Bay Bridge pathway in Emeryville, near the Oakland/Emeryville border. The Loma Prieta earthquake damaged the Oakland side of the San Francisco Bay Bridge. This huge bridge was rebuilt with a spectacular causeway supported by a single suspension tower. It is one of the most impressive bridges in the world. Built at a reported cost of over 6.5 billion dollars the Guinness Book of World Record shows that this is the widest bridge in the world (2015). The bridge includes a multi-use pathway that is legal for pedestrian use and bicycles and Segway PT’s. The Segway PT is classified as an EPAMD under AB 470, and the pathway allows for a number of types of uses. Nonetheless we limit the rental to between 4 and 6 person groups. For larger groups we require that the group stage in groups of six riders. This is not a tour. We bring the Segway PT’s to a location at the end of the trail that eventually leads to the Bay Bridge. Riders must sign a rental agreement and are responsible for the unit and there is no guide. The pathway does not have any side routes, so riders can only go in one direction and the pathway currently dead ends before reaching Yerba Buena Island.

This spectacular ride is for people who have already ridden a Segway PT and have received training. We can provide training for an extra cost. However the training is a separate session at the Oakland office. Therefore, participants who need training will have a one hour training session that is separate from the event. All participants must demonstrate proficiency in operating the Segway PT including turning the unit on and off and riding proficiency. Riders have about 4 miles of pathway before the end near Yerba Buena Island. Then riders return to the same location where they started the ride. The total time for the ride is about 2 hours. This is the most spectacular Segway PT ride in the country because of the huge San Francisco Bay views. Unlike anything else, you are riding real Segway PT’s, and all of the units are i2’s, generally the same type of unit that is used commercially. These Segway PT’s provide incredibly reliable operation and have the ability to go over much more terrain than small Segway PT’s, providing a way more involved experience. Great for people visiting the San Francisco area from other cities, as well as for locals who want something closer than skiing that is just as fun and exciting!



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